Racing History

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Racing cars started soon after the launch of petrol-fuelled automobiles in the nineteenth century. The first race was organized by a Paris magazine Le Petit Journal in 1894, to ascertain the best performers. Worldwide racing began with the Gordon Bennett Cup in auto racing. Chicago was the venue for the first automobile race in the United States in 1895.

It was the French who dominated the automobile racing scene and the French automobile club ACF staged a number of major international races, usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city in Europe or France.

There are numerous types of automobile racing the most well known being single-seater racing, where especially designed cars are used. In these cars, the wheels are not covered, and there are aerofoil wings at the front and rear to improve the traction of the car on the racetrack. These races are held on specially designed closed circuits or on special street circuits that are closed for the duration of the event.

The top series is the World Rally Championship (WRC), but there also regional championships and several nations have their own national championships.

The other sort of single-seater racing is kart racing. In this small but powerful go-karts pick up speed quickly on the small tracks. So many racing drivers of today began by driving karts since it’s the cheapest way to get into auto racing. It has made racing much more accessible. Today, it is also a fully-fledged international game in its own right.

Touring car racing is a style of road racing that is run with production-derived racecars. The American variant of touring car racing is known as stock car racing. In drag racing, mostly popular in america, the objective is to complete a certain distance, traditionally a quarter of a mile, at the shortest possible time. Whatever the sort of auto racing, the thrill is in the speed.

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